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General Psychological Support 
General Psychological Support

Psychological counselling and support for a range of personal challenges including depression, anxiety, high stress, grief, relationships (break ups, separation, divorce), physical or chronic health issues, high personal sensitivity, binge eating, work or study issues, carer support and adjustment to a range of life changes.

Psycho-oncology (Cancer support for individuals or family members)

Melita has experience in supporting individuals and/or family members before, during or after cancer treatment. This may include adjustment to diagnosis, managing emotions, making sense of what has happened, managing treatment side effects, promoting relaxation and good sleep, accepting physical changes, treatment decision making, health anxiety, fear of re-occurrence, living with uncertainty about prognosis or recovery, managing changes in relationships and end of life support.

Support during the Perinatal period

Psychological support for difficulties conceiving, unexpected birth complications, dealing with the emotional impact of an unsettled baby and/or difficulties breast feeding, feeling torn between whether or not to use controlled crying methods, managing relationship tensions with partners or family members, postnatal depression, and general adjustment to the enormous life change of parenthood. Melita has been trained in evidence based methods for increased parental well-being. She has also undertaken her own research into parents experience of sleep difficulties and has a very good understanding of the challenges parents face.

Evening sessions

Evening sessions are available for people working full time. 

Skype Sessions

Skype sessions are available to increase service access. Currently, there are no Medicare rebate available for Skype sessions unless you live in a regional area of Australia. Skype sessions can be a good option if you are looking for some brief psychological support, don't want to go to your GP for a mental health care plan and wish to keep costs down. 

Evening sessions
Home Visits

Home visits may offered in some circumstances when it is considered in the best therapeutic interest for the person involved. 

Home visits
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