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You don't need a referral from a GP to see a psychologist, but it can be much more affordable to get a Mental Health Care Plan. We recommended seeing your GP to talk about the possibility of getting a Mental Health Care Plan, prior to starting psychology sessions.


Private Health Insurance rebates may be available if you are not to using a Mental Health Care Plan or have finished your plan.

Sessions fees are as below :

  • $240 - 60 min session for psychological therapy and support 

  • If eligible, there is a Medicare rebate of $137.05. This would leave you with an out of pocket cost of $102.95 per session. This rebate may be available for up to 10 Medicare funded sessions per calendar year.

  • Adult ADHD and Autism assessment fee options

  • Adult ADHD assessment with a letter $1000.​

  • Adult ADHD assessment with a report $1500.

  • Adult Autism assessment with a letter $1250.

  • Adult Autism assessment with a report $2,000.

  • Adult Autism and ADHD assessment with a letter $1500.

  • Adult Autism and ADHD assessment with a report $2500.

Additional information for your consideration prior to booking an assessment.

The difference between a report and a letter is that a letter will briefly confirm your neurotype/diagnosis and make some recommendations. The report will do the same, but provide extensive information about the assessment process and results. The report may be particularly suitable if you are seeking to deeply understand your results, want other health professionals to better understand you and/or if you are considering NDIS.  However, please note, there are no guarantees that the report will be sufficient for NDIS. There may be other services, that can offer better support for NDIS applications.

Please also note, that psychologists are unable to prescribe medication. If you are considering medication following an ADHD diagnosis, you may be better off going straight to a psychiatrist for an ADHD assessment.

Unfortunately, there are no Medicare rebates available for Adult ADHD and Autism assessments.

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